Scope of Application

Compared with other ordinary metallic or non-metallic materials for slide bearings, INDRON®elastic-plastic alloy has the features of water lubrication, self-lubrication, wear resistance, impact resistance, etc., which can be widely used as turbine guide bearings, main shaft seals, guide vane sleeves, anti-wear blocks in Francis turbines, axial flow and tubular units.

  • INDRON®Bearing Products
  • Turbine Guide Bearing
  • Shaft Seal
  • Anti-ware Block
  • Casing Seal
  • Guide Vane Façade and End Seals
  • Upper, Middle and Lower Sleeve Bearings for Guide Vane
  • Regulating Ring Bearing with Spherical Eyes
  • Crank Bearing
  • Blade-pivot Bearing
  • Wearing Ring
  • Solid-body Bearing Bushing