Hydro Bearing → Water Guide Bearing

As INDRON® TSTN elastic-plastic alloy is bonded with long-termed lubricative particles, its turbine guide bearings have excellent performances in self-lubrication and water lubrication, which overcome the problem of large starting torques resulting in the use of rubber turbine guide bearings and can effectively protect the shaft/bearing bushing.

INDRON®hRBR elastic-plastic alloy have the advantages of good resilience, oil swelling resistance and ageing resistance, which is an ideal alternative to rubber and polyurethane. We can provide materials of a variety of hardness to meet the requirements on installation and operation of different units, solving actual difficulties for you.

  • No water injection is needed before start – up , and transitory operations without water or in shortage of water are allowed.
  • Excellent lubricating performances against frictions, keeping the best long-termed operating clearances.
  • Our forming technology can be adapted to various structures, such as the fastening methods by using glue, lathes, fasteners, etc.
  • The coating has suitable resilience, which can effectively absorb the vibration produced in start – up and operation and keep the shaft stable.