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Yanlong® Water Pump Orifice Ring

The mouth ring is mainly used to isolate the rotating parts (impeller) and the stationary parts in the pump, and separate the high pressure area and low pressure area of ​​the liquid. Running under off-design conditions, the main shaft of the pump is prone to deflection, causing the impeller and the mouth ring to contact. Under such contact or dry running conditions, the traditional metal mouth ring may cause scratches or jams, and cause sudden failure of the pump. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure rate, the gap of the metal mouth ring has to be increased, but it has a negative impact on the efficiency of the pump, the suction conditions and the vibration of the pump.

Mouth Ring
  • Long research ◇ ® orifice ring cladding layer in the inner wall of the metal base ring elastoplastic polymer alloy was self-lubricating material to form a metal – a non-metal friction, reduce wear of the impeller and the ring port;
  • It is suitable for smaller mouth ring clearance and improves the efficiency of water pump;
  • DxhRBR mouth ring is suitable for water with high sand content;
  • Avoid forming metal-metal contact, forming electrochemical corrosion between different metals;
  • The self-lubricating material prevents seizure on the grinding layer.