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INDRON®hybron bearing can be flexibly assembled into split bearing with dovetail slat bearing bush, which is convenient for installation and maintenance without shaft extension, and more reliable when compared with the interference installation of cylinder bearing. If necessary during overhaul, the slat bearing bushes can be conveniently replaced, and a variety of homogeneous elastoplastic polymer alloy dovetail slat bearing bushes of different material grades can be mixed or staggered in one bearing, so that the bearing achieves wear resistance and self-lubricating, and effectively controls the balance of wobble. 


Specifications of Dovetail Slat Bearing Bush



There are three grades of dovetail slat bearing bush materials to choose from. White TSTN is selected by default for water pumps. In addition, the materials are marked with TQDS40/xxxx (the last four characters represent materials). Tolerance is controlled under the conditions of ambient temperature of 21-28 and relative humidity of 40-60% when the slats leave the factory. Beyond the environmental condition, the slat size may be affected by environmental conditions and exceed the tolerance range. In such case, please submit the conditions of measurement environment and slat size, and contact the manufacturer to confirm whether it is reasonable and available. (The maximum length of a slat is 830mm, which can be customized on demand).