“Specialized, Refined, Unique, and Innovative” refers to the development characteristics of enterprises with specialization, refinement, distinctiveness, and novelty. By guiding the development of enterprises with these characteristics, it further stimulates their vitality and development momentum, promoting transformation and upgrading. Based on specialized, refined, unique, and innovative enterprises, a group of outstanding “Hidden Champions” with strong competitiveness and good growth potential will be cultivated in core basic components (electronic components), key basic materials, advanced basic processes, and industrial technology foundations, guiding them to grow into single-item champions in the manufacturing industry. “Specialized”: Specialization (focusing on core business). Enterprises focus on core businesses and have the ability to specialize in production, services, and collaborative support. Their products and services occupy advantageous positions in certain links of the industrial chain, providing high-quality components, electronic parts, supporting products, and services to large enterprises, major projects, and industrial chains. “Refined”: Refinement (fine and efficient management). Enterprises have precise and efficient management systems, processes, and systems, achieving refined production, management, and services. This establishes their core competitiveness, and their products or services have excellent quality. “Unique”: Uniqueness (products or services with distinct characteristics). Enterprises, targeting specific markets or consumer groups, utilize unique resources, traditional techniques, regional culture, or unique processes, technologies, formulas, or special materials to develop and produce distinctive products or provide unique services. They have unique, exclusive production features, a strong influence, and brand recognition. “Innovative”: Novelty (significant achievements in innovation). Enterprises have significant achievements in innovation, with sustained innovation capabilities and tangible results. Their products or services belong to the field of new economy, new industries, or showcase innovations in new technologies, processes, ideas, or models. They possess independent intellectual property rights, broad application prospects, high technological content or added value, significant economic and social benefits, and good development potential.