Techemer Composites (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. will participate in the 131 st China Import and
Export Fair (Canton Fair for short) as an exhibitor, which will be held in mid to late April
2022.China Import and Export Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the
longest history, the largest scale and the best transaction effect in China. It is known as
“China’s first exhibition”. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the fair will take the form
of online, with more than 25,000 exhibitors participating.

Techemer Composites (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., as a scientific and technological leader in the
field of research and development of elastic-plastic polymer alloy composite materials, will
showcase the polymer bearings/liners produced with the latest technology at the trade fair and
its wide range applications in the water pump industry, hydropower industry and marine