1.        From December 1st to 2nd, the 2016 China Bearing Industry Human Resources Working Conference was held in Xiamen. More than 60 representatives from 50 units including key enterprises in the bearing industry, industry associations, scientific research institutes, and vocational colleges attended the meeting. Zhou Yu, Secretary-General of the China Bearing Industry Association, Dong Jinan, Deputy Secretary-General, Wang Xinying, Chairman of Luoyang LYC, and Executive Deputy General Gao Wenfeng and others attended the meeting.

      2016 is the first year of the “Thirteenth Five-Year” development plan. It is a key year for the bearing industry to comprehensively deepen reforms and accelerate transformation and upgrading. The convening of this meeting has important guiding significance for the industry’s human resource development and management.

       Zhou Yu, Secretary-General of China Bearing Industry Association, made an important speech at the meeting, reporting the latest development trend of my country’s bearing industry, pointing out that talents are the most critical factor in the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and hope that industry enterprises will comprehensively improve their human resource management level and strengthen industry employees Training, improve the quality of personnel training, and make positive contributions to the realization of the goal of a world bearing power. Dong Jinan, deputy secretary-general of the Axis Association, read out the “Approval on Approving the Re-election Plan of the Human Resources Working Committee” and agreed that the Human Resources Committee shall be re-elected according to the prescribed procedures. The Fifth Human Resources Working Committee made a work report to the General Assembly and conducted a general election in accordance with strict procedures. The sixth Human Resources Working Committee was formed. Among them, Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Xinying was elected as the chairman, Gao Wenfeng, etc. 16 comrades were elected as the deputy chairman and Zhao Shuguang was elected as the secretary-general. Mr. Wang Xinying, Director of the Human Resources Committee, made an important speech on behalf of the Sixth Committee, thanking everyone for their support to the work of the Human Resources Committee, and said that the Human Resources Committee will continue to play a good role as a bridge and link between industry enterprises and universities, and contribute to the construction of the industry’s talent team. Actively contribute.

       Mr. Lu Zhifeng, a well-known labor law lawyer and senior consultant of the China Labor and Social Security News Agency, an expert from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, was invited to give a lecture entitled “Practical Skills for Handling Disciplinary Workers and Layoffs”, explaining the management skills of modern enterprise labor contract relations. A good response has been obtained; the special guest Mr. Yan Wu, the human resources director of Schaeffler (Ningxia) Co., Ltd., learned from Schaeffler’s human resources vision and mission, human capital development philosophy and global talent management, employee career development and talent development responsibilities. Individuals shared Schaeffler’s talent values ​​with us. The advanced management experience is worthy of reference for domestic enterprises; Qiu Ming, deputy dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Henan University of Science and Technology, gave a speech entitled “Made in China 2025 Talent Cultivation Innovation System”, Analyzed the current situation of the manufacturing talent team, and put forward important measures to promote the construction of the manufacturing talent team; Luozhou, Renben, Xiangzhou, Cixing Group, Tianma, Shandong Tenggong and other 6 units shared the human resources development management The successful experience inspires the conference delegates a lot. The meeting also organized representatives to visit Fujian Longxi Bearing Co., Ltd. The representatives expressed their heartfelt thanks for the warm reception of the company.

       The meeting completed the scheduled tasks and achieved a complete success. It will have a profound impact on the industry’s human resource management and talent team building, and promote the industry’s transformation and upgrading!