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UNIV guide vane
Bearing/connecting rod bearing

Compared with regular copper-based mosaic graphite bearings, YL®guide-vane, connecting-rod and regulatingring bearings have larger contact area and no lubricating oil is required,. The metal-based cladding can effectively protect shaft necks from wear and tear. YL®guide-vane, connecting-rod and regulating-ring bearings can effectively cushion the vibration resulting from opening and closing of a guide vane and avoid cracking upon impacts.

  • Rigid, tough and wear-resistant, suitable for impulsive and vibrating loads, maintenance-free;
  • Bonding of long-termed lubricative particles, stable lubricating effects, low friction and wear;
  • Effective protection of the shaft neck due to full coverage of the shaft neck;
  • A homogeneous self-lubricating material with reliable performances.